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Custom Made Clouds

What's that in the sky?..........It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Flogo!!

A brand new invention by renowned inventor Francisco Guerra took 7 years to get to market from original idea with help from long time friend and bubble specialist Brian Glover. The technology is patented worldwide and distributors have opened Flogos offices in 21 cities and countries around the world.

Flogos are groups of small bubbles that float your shape or logo around in the air. This is a totally new way of advertising in the skies (sky?vertising) that can be used for advertising and marketing, corporate events, product launches, sporting events and outdoor festivals.

The Flogos are made of air, helium and an environmentally friendly bubble fluid. They are generated by a Flogos generator specially built into a custom made road case on wheels and easily transported and placed in position. The device pushes the bubbles through a cut stencil and produces the desired shape.

Flogos can be made into virtually any shape or logo up to about a metre in size and at a rate of one Flogos every 30-60 seconds. They can last up to an hour, travel for kilometres, and reach as high as 20,000 feet ? depending on weather conditions.

Machines have already been used by companies including McDonalds, Western Union, Red Bull, Sheraton, Nintendo, Mercedes Benz, Hard Rock Café, Lindt chocolates, Volkswagen and at numerous sporting events.

Flogos were seen at the world premiere of the Disney animated feature film UP in Los Angeles and highlighted on Good Morning America.

Machines are available for hire - POA.