FlogosTM 36"

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FlogosTM 36" Generator Dimensions

FlogosTM 36" Stencil Dimensions

Specifications for 36"

Size of unit: 49"L x 64"W x 63"H (including wheels).
Shipping Weight: 325lbs, wihtout fluid. 509 lbs, with fluid.
Material: Wood covered ABS road case.

Electrical Requirements:
10 Amp, 110V circuit per machine.
Also available in 110V and 220V.

Priming Time: 10-15 minutes.

Noise Levels: 58db @ 3 meters.

FPM = FlogosTM per minute
Depends on the desired thickness. On average, one every 30 to 35 seconds.

Colours available: Black

FlogosTM Machine Controls:
This machine is semi automatic. Operator must watch the rate of FlogosTM per minute. Available timer control settings: 5 seconds - 60 seconds.

Required External Gases:
FlogosTM requires a cnstant flow of helium and compressed air.

Air compressor: A steady 50 PSI @ 5 SCFM.

Helium Usage:
NOTE: These caluculations are for an average helium setting of 2.

1 head @ 16 cubic feet/hour x 4 heads (on FlogoTM 36") = 64 cubic feet/hour

For a 300 cubic foot helium tank:
300/64 = 4.69 hours of use (@ setting 2) Custom FlogosTM must adhere to sample guidelines.